Why overpay for study materials?

We understand.  The stakes for graduating and passing the bar exam are high.  When it comes to ensuring success, you don't want to spare any expense.  But law school is already expensive.  Why overpay for study materials?

We want to change (or end, rather) the game.  You have a right to first-rate study materials at an affordable price.  That's why we developed PowerLaw.

You have a right to first-rate study materials at an affordable price.  That's why we developed PowerLaw.

Power Law is an all-inclusive online study package; an affordable one-stop-shop for the bar taker and law student alike.  If you are taking a bar exam, or simply preparing for law school finals, you really won't find better materials anywhere, and at such a low price.

In fact, one of the most common reactions to PowerLaw is disbelief:  "All of that is included in the price?"  It's true.  Look at PowerLaw Pro, for instance.  It costs just $149.00 for six months of access to all of the great features described below.


Proponics is a state-of-the-art, user-controlled law outline platform.  From any Internet-enabled device, you can access virtual law outlines in 21 subjects*.  With just your mouse, you can take control of the law.  Expand it.  Collapse it.  Focus it.  Expose it.  You get to decide what area of a subject is displayed, and in what level of detail.  The platform also doubles as an advanced quizzing tool.  And it makes memorization a cinch, too.


Power Videos

Our Power Videos are concise video lectures that "power" through the law, most running about 90 minutes.  Cutting to the chase, they give you everything you need, and nothing you don't in 18 subjects*.  Online and on-demand, you can access them on any device.


Essay Bank

Our essay vault of over 120 past fact patterns with accompanying model answers and/or video debriefs will help solidify your knowledge of law, refine your analytical skills, and prepare you for any essay you will encounter.


Exam Strategies

We provide practical exam strategies for multiple choice and performance tests, as well as how to craft a study plan designed to optimize learning and memorization.

Multiple Choice Strategies.  We will teach you how to strategically attack multiple choice items, and point you to suggested resources from which to practice multiple choice items.  We do not provide a bank of questions.

Performance Test Strategies.  If your exam contains a performance test (PT) component, you need to master an approach that works for you.  PowerLaw teaches you the ins and outs of closed universe exams, as well as a couple of different ways to approach them.

Study Plan Strategies.  Our study plan and schedule will keep you on track and explain how best to integrate all the components above.  The plan is divided into phases, scientifically designed to optimize long-term learning, and facilitate memorization.


Any Device

The system is built on a mobile responsive platform.  This makes access seamless across any device, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.  For the law student and bar taker, that means you can study anytime anywhere.


Six Months of Access

Your subscription to the system does not expire for an entire half year, a whole six months.  That spreads beyond any one semester course or bar study cycle.

*Currently the 21 subjects include Contracts, Torts, Real Property, Constitutional Law, Remedies, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Federal Evidence, Federal Civil Procedure, Corporations, Agency, Partnership, Community Property, Wills, Trusts, Professional Responsibility, California Civil Procedure, California Evidence, Conflict of Laws, Family Law, and Secured Transactions.